25 April 2011

That little piggy went to market...

and this little piggy stayed home.

I still have a few more episodes from our trip that I want to get on here. So please bear with me if you are totally sick of hearing about our amazing family trip. :)

My husband and our hostess took a couple of the kids to an open-air market while we were in France. Here are a few of the things they saw:

Baby X made Q-Man look at the calamari... not so nice.

They saw some bunny rabbits...

And a chicken with tortured-looking claws.

Everything looks so pretty, whether a dead bird...

meticulously arranged vegetables 
(which you are not allowed to touch...
no self-serve here),

beautifully bunched radishes,

or spectacular artichokes.

I find it so interesting that you are not allowed to touch any of the produce. The standkeeper selects and wraps it for you. And too bad if you get home and find out that he didn't give you the really nice stuff 'cuz he knew you were a tourist. Nahhhh... that didn't happen.


  1. Such a different attitude about food.

  2. I couldn't find any stores that sold Easter Bunnies for dinner this year.

  3. Yep. I love rabbit in sauce ! So good ! The food is so fresh !
    Following you back !


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