14 April 2011

When can you say X is IX?

On April 14.... MMXI.

Baby X is nine years old today! When I get home and have access to all of my photos, I need to do a real tribute to the loveliest, strongest, most courageous, smartest, sweetest girl I have ever met in my entire life.

I am so fortunate to be her mother. How did I get so lucky?

Do the French even make birthday cakes? Traditional, American-style birthday cakes? I don't know. We didn't see any out there. But my girl wanted something else anyway...

a réligieuse... the one with the candle in it.

It's like a double-decker cream puff filled with chocolate custard and glued together with buttercream frosting... only French so it's better ;-)

We sang "Happy Birthday" to her in multiple languages... since we are so international today... but I couldn't get the video to download.  Who's lucky now? ha ha! YOU!

She made her wish and drew in a deeeeeeeep  breath...

And blew that candle out!

And then she contemplated the amazing goodness she was about to devour.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Baby X! 


  1. Awww, a very happy birthday to her! Where are you in these pictures? This looks better than birthday cake!!!

  2. I'm with Amanda, that looks better than a cake any day! Happy Birthday to Miss X!!


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