02 April 2011

Burn, Baby! Burn!

What's cookin', kids?

So the other day when I was in the garage finding all the photos for my awesome collection of Big G's first year as a traveling man, I was simultaneously starting to cook my lunch.

Based on my pies... whether turkey pot or mixed berry... and my awesome gadget collection, you'd think I was some kinda somethin' in the kitchen. But I have been very honest with you about my lack of culinary prowess... or is it simply a case of "CRS"... can't remember s***?... so let's drop all expectations.

I was so distracted engrossed in my trip down memory lane research project and recovery mission in the name of The Blog, that I did it again...

And this time the toxic crap from the melted plastic of the steamer ruined the best 50-year old, popcorn-making Revereware pan in the universe. I am in so much trouble :(

Both the pot and the steamer were goners.

Also cookin'...

This kid on the track... she LOVES to run! If you don't remember her indoor workout from a few weeks ago, you can see it here. And now that the weather is super nice, she got a chance to stretch her legs outside...

That is not a load in her pants... I promise. The pants and diaper just look like it is. Really.

The last item on our menu of what's cookin'... or not cookin'...

I have been so slow and struggling with my running all week. My legs still feel thrashed from that hilly leg of the Oakland Marathon Relay last Sunday :(  On Tuesday, I squeezed out a tempo run that felt okay enough to feel good about, but Thursday night... whoa...

Just an easy 5 miles was slated. I headed out at 8:40 PM. Yes, PM. And I really wanted to be out there running... really, I did. But my legs didn't :(
But I made them :) 
We went around the loopy-doos 6 times for 4.5 miles and then they just said, "uncle... no mas." And I obeyed. I have a tenner on the docket for this weekend, and I want to be able to do it. I was going to do it today, but my husband just now told me he has to work all day, and I have to work tonight (yes, people, I kind of have a .... yob .... steering clear of the "J" word... can't quite bring myself to use it). Looks like the big 1-0 will have to happen tomorrow. I'm scared ... wish me luck!

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  1. Oh goodness, I bet that put off a terrible smell! Last year I burnt a tupperware in the microwave and I had a headache for 2 days from it...cooking disasters are the worst!

  2. That is SO a load in her pants.

    You should see my favorite saucepan. Black. I still use it.

  3. SUAR…i guess you would know about pants-loads…
    and you should play the guessing game…i think you would know it.

  4. Ashley…it smelled so bad! I just kept the lid on and put it outside for my husband to deal with :P

  5. Seems you couldn't keep up with her.

    Please salvage that pan. There's gotta be a way Richmond.

    Your contribution to my Blog story this morning was AWESOME. Thank you! I hope it continues cuz I find it hilarious.

  6. Poor, poor pan. :( Love that little runner girl... awesome!

  7. CK, she can kick my butt! Especially if she is running toward a busy street or some other dangerous thing. And the metal of the pan is totally impregnated with plastic toxicity... I can send it to you if you're concerned about landfill and carbon footprints and stuff like that ;-)

  8. Wow, that's a bummer about the pan. And great running!

  9. I am impressed with the running! Just yesterday, my 3 year old said, Mommy doesn't like to run. I don't know how he knew that. It isn't something we talk about or anything. But it's totally true. I find it to be really hard! So, I'm always impressed with people who do a lot of running.

  10. I agree with Kristy above. I have never been a runner (unless I am being chased *wink wink*). I cannot tell you how many pans I have ruined by doing something that will "just take a second" when I should be watching my stuff cooking. And every time I cry like someone killed my kitten.

    I am not a cook. OR a runner. I need a hobby.

  11. Sorry about your pan. Good luck getting in you 10 miler. Sounds like a hectic schedule.

  12. OK, so maybe you can't cook... but you can run 26.whatever miles. OMG.

  13. I'm trying so hard to get back into running. It's hard.


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