22 April 2011

Vecchio Venerdì... pictures from an Easter past

Easter 2005

Q-Man had just been born, Baby X was just shy of 3 years old and Big G was 5 and a half.
I wish I had a copy of the video my stepdad took...

Baby X was all over the place, finding eggs like a mad woman...
well, she found 2 or 3.
But her excitement was such a joy to watch!
And she would very carefully place each of her eggs in the basket and then take it out to re-examine it, promptly drop it on the concrete path (whereupon it would break), say "ut-oh" and pick it up gingerly and put it back very carefully into the basket.

Most others have disappeared in a blur, but I will remember this Easter forever.


  1. past photos are such fun....(I had to come back AGAIN- because I kept forgetting to FOLLOW- thought that was the goal- I'd read and comment and forget to follow....)

  2. Such great pictures! Glad you are all home safe and sound! Happy Friday!

  3. Happy Easter! Missed you last night!

  4. Really cute photos. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Easter with kids is so much fun! :-) Cute pics!


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