26 April 2011

The Face of Exhilaration!

If you were ever curious about what EXHILARATION looks like...

Now you know.

The best roller coaster ride I have ever been on...

I am not in pain. I am not scared. I am alive. And loving it.

Baby X... ummmmm... not so much. Don't go calling CPS on me... she dragged me on this thing! And despite her 'unsure' look at this moment, the girl swears she loved it :)

If you want to read more about the Parc Astérix and missed the post detailing our visit... click here :)

I am so glad to finally have a use for one of these over-priced photos one buys at amusement parks :P


  1. I *LOVE* the two sets of white knuckles behind you.

  2. I love this picture! It definitely looks like you were having a great time!

  3. This is good! Very very good! I have a similar one but it's coming down a waterslide in Wisconsin Dells and I'm also sporting a wedgie so no posting on the blog-ha!!

    Great job on the tempo yesterday BTW! I always seem to be a day behind!

  4. I'm so digging on that pic!

  5. That's a priceless photo! lol. Sheer ecstacy.

    Looks like you are having the trip of a lifetime!

    Thanks for finding my blog :)

  6. LOL!!! I am scared of lap bar rooler coasters, I only like the ones that the bars pin my shoulder down as well,.

  7. Oh man do I hate roller coasters. You couldn't pay me enough!

  8. She is so your mini me. I never realized it before.

  9. Oh, and 12,000 views???? Wasn't it just yesterday you were excited about 100???? Nice!


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