04 April 2011

Granny's Gadgets #13

I have to admit... this one is not really a gadget. It's more of a tool.

It did come in the box o' gadgets, though, so I figure it gets to masquerade as one for my purposes ;-)

I find this item to be very scary. In fact, just looking at it gives me the heebie-jeebies. You have no idea how much steeling of nerves it took me to finally pick it up off of the counter. Scary to the max, dude. I gave it the number 13 for that reason... you know, like the horror movie Friday the 13th?

So get ready...

You may want to hold someone's hand or cover your eyes (yes, it's that bad scary)...

Did you know thirteen people entered the gift card giveaway? This is just getting scarier by the moment ... what're the odds?

And of those 13 awesome readers, all of whom remain awesome even if they didn't win the gift card, the winner of the gift card is....

The winner was determined using the Scrabble method... multiple letters were at times ascribed to certain individuals to make it work :)

Congrats to Jess! Please email me with where you want this puppy to go.

And huge thanks go to all who played! You never know... there may be a gadget in your future ;-)


  1. Congrat to Jess, one of my favorite blog peeps! I'm so glad she won! Oh, the scariest thing about this is seeing you wacking things with it Marjorie! Ha! Pretty crazy...I would hide that thing...dangerous! :) Was that Meatloaf your dinner? Was it cooked or raw? Go Marshmallow!

  2. Granny's Gadget number 13... Very scary indeed! Your contest prompted me to go back and read all the previous entries I had missed, but alas, not in time to enter the contest. Well worth the trip, though...

  3. One of the coolest blogger i have seen since morning :D like the gadgets though

  4. The dramatic fingerpointing really drew me in!

  5. I have one of those. Are you afraid of me yet?

  6. woo-hoo! Thank you scrabble method!!

    I am hitting you up now!! :)

  7. Is a gadget a tool, but a tool not a gadget? As a math geek I like looking at the relationships of things.

    I'm impressed you even grazed that marshmallow. If I had a camera trained on me, then I think I would have missed it entirely.


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