09 April 2011

Marathon de Paris... it's tomorrow!


So all of my running followers are wondering if I secretly have been training for this event....

No, actually probably none of them even knew about it happening :P  Shame on you guys!  All obsessed with the Boston... just let the lil' ol' Paris France Marathon skip right under the radar... And no, I am not running it.  I got my stairs and I am happy with them.

Well, this just throws a whole, big monkey wrench into MY day...

Now that I know it is happening TOMORROW, I want to go watch part of it.  I want to see the 40,000 competitors streaming down the Champs Elysées as I photograph the spectacle with my doo-doo camera while perched atop the obelisk of the Place de la Concorde (or is it du Concorde... too late to go check that one).  That is right before the one mile mark... so I need to get there really early to secure my spot atop that monument. I hope security doesn't notice me... those guys carry machine guns!

Ahhhh, nevermind....

I'll just try to get into the heart of town with my sick kid in tow...

Nahhhh, I wouldn't do that... and anyway, he is feeling much better and wants to go ;-)

Okay... it is after midnight... I am loopy.  I am going to watch at least part of this 'surprise' marathon... in a few hours.  And I can't believe I am going to publish this post.

Incidentally, the top 19 guys entered all have sub-2:10 PRs... that's pretty fast, right?

And the top 8 women have sub-2:30 PRs... that sounds pretty fast, too.  Especially since that's how long it took me to climb up those stairs about an hour ago :P

What do  you think will be the most interesting place to watch the Marathon de Paris?


  1. If I was spectating the Paris Marathon, I would hang out at mile 2/16 and then hustle to mile 20 and 23 to get the most action (ahem, pictures of the really cool elites). Then I'd head to the finish and watch the masses come through.

    I had a friend tell me, in seriousness, that if I keep working hard I could run with some elitish women (2:35-2:30). So thanks to him those times are not sounding TOO fast anymore :). Personally I think he's a little over board on my potential (but not by much)

  2. I don't know what a PR is (other than a google page rank), but it all sounds very exciting. Have a wonderful day tomorrow.


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