04 April 2011

The Tenner.

I did the double-digit madness.

Ten miles.

It happened. In the daylight. I needed sunscreen. I haven't run with sunscreen on in about a million years... well, at least not since 2001.

The "talk" happened.  The one where you try to talk yourself out of it in various ways.

"I didn't eat enough."
"I ate too much."
"I just ate... I am going to puke."
"I ate so long ago... I am going to bonk."
"My hip is kinda hurting."
"I can't find my lucky shirt."
"Where is the iPod? I cannot run without the iPod! Is it charged? I'll bet it isn't charged."
"I need to go to the bathroom."
"I only have one hour now. I can't possibly run 10 miles in one hour. That's crazy. Oh, you can make the kids dinner and get them ready for bed? Oh, right... you've been doing that for 31 years."
"The seam on the toe of these socks is hurting. I need new socks. Do you know where the socks are?"
"I need to go to the bathroom."
"I can't do this. This is nuts. 10 miles is really, really far."
"My legs are still tired from my last run."
"I need to go to the bathroom."
"What if the sunscreen starts dripping in my eyes?"
"I need to go to the bathroom."

Finally I had the right socks, the right sunscreen, the right shirt, the iPod... charged, a snack, some sunglasses and went to the bathroom... then I had to go make it happen. Out the door. Ten miles.

I always forget that in the daylight, people can see me. I exited through The Gate and entered the general population...in my ratty running clothes, with my weird hairdo, singing out loud to my weird songs that no one else can hear. I guess it's kind of embarrassing. Fortunately, I am not easily embarrassed :)

It was a flat out-and-back with one mediumish hill at the turn-around. About a mile into it, the "talk" started again. "I think my hip hurts. It probably isn't a good idea to do this if I think my hip hurts." This, for me, is like saying "I think I'm in labor." When it happens for me, I know. No thinking involved. I was fine, and I knew it. Forging onward.

I ran past 3 bathrooms and two water fountains. I used them all and was very, very grateful for their presence at those precise moments. Of course, there were incidents. Not accidents... incidents. I'll share this one... because it showcases my resourcefulness ;-)

It occurred at Bathroom #2. I had to pee. I understand now that I have to pee about 4-5 miles into a run. Remember that downhill pee-fest last Sunday? That was about 4.5 miles into the run. I had the same thing happen in this run. It's .... A PATTERN. But I didn't pee in my pants this time... today was not a race, and I was running OFF THE CLOCK (yes, believe it. you can do it, too. trust me. it's good for you). So I used the handy-dandy, public, step-up-from-a-portapotty. I made the mistake of sitting down... and the mistake of not checking the toilet paper status before sitting down (in reality, I rather fell down onto the seat... or collapsed down). There was no toilet paper. But.... there were two cardboard rolls that had once held toilet paper! I shredded the cardboard and crumpled it up in my fist to make it soft... voilà. I am just like MacGyver ;-)

Another incident I'll share happened right at the end. Surprisingly, it began right where I raced the Drunken Bum. Another impromptu race took place. This time I was up against a 6' tall, 125 lb. man who was wearing what looked like his 16-year old daughter's pajama pants, a striped hoodie (with the hood ON) and Converse hi-tops. I was not interested in racing, but he was slower than I was going... so I passed him.

Since I was listening to a really great song very loudly on my iPod, I had no idea that he had started drafting off of me, inches away. If I had stopped he would have crashed right into me instantly. If I had slowed down, he would have given me a flat-tire. He was that close. I didn't notice this for about a mile and a half as I kept hitting  'repeat' on the iPod 'cuz I was so into the song. I think I need to not listen to the music quite so loud. What if he were something more dangerous than just a bad dresser?

As I peeled off the main drag, I saw him fall over. Just kidding. But he did stop. And he turned around and walked back in the other direction. I kept running... I had another 1/2 mile to go. But the song was over, and I was a little bit sick of it at that point, after listening to it 8 times in a row. That last 1/2 mile was turtle-style. Not quite super slo-mo... but almost. An ice bath was necessary. I sat in it for at least 20 minutes.

My first tenner in I think 15 years... there you have it an a rather large nutshell.

How was your weekend?


  1. Great tenner and many exciting things along the way! So happy for you being in the double digits. I wish that guy really would have fallen down.

  2. Oh my, this is making my head swim! So happy to hear your good news about it, but wow! I'm following from the Blog Hop. Come visit me back!

    Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

  3. Woo-hoo! You did it! :)
    Creepy hoody guy totally freaks me out. I'm so glad I live in a bubble.

  4. Congrats on the 10! What you described pre-run is exactly what goes on in my brain almost daily. Great minds think alike!

  5. Ripping the butt out my pants while scaling walls while hammered. Well, you pretty much nailed it-ha!

    Super congrats on the 10! I love the recap! LOL!!!! 20 minutes in an icebath. ARE YOU SERIOUS. I make it like 90 seconds before the neighbors think I'm being raped. Hope you're celebrating a little tonight. Any rock walls nearby?

  6. Awesome job on the 10er M! What is up with these weirdos on your runs?! Must just be San Fran? Gee I sure hope I can find a place to run when I'm there where I don't get followed by creepy people...I think I might have like a 20 miler when I'm there. ugggh! don't stay in that thing longer than 20 though...I hear that it isn't good for you after that...at least that was my chiro friend's warning to me. She said 15-20 tops but I'm not an expert. :)

  7. I figured that 20 minutes would be the max in that cold water because when you put ice on something injured, you do it for 15-20. Ha! if you are out anywhere for 20 miles you are bound to bump into a weirdo or two ;-) and so far mine have all been harmless.


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