25 April 2011

Jardin du Luxembourg, Part Un

This is where we spent our last two days in Paris... a beautiful park with an amazing (of course) playground. The kids were free to run around, scream and shout, spin and slide, swing like Tarzan... all with reckless abandon. They were in heaven! And when the kids are feeling good and having fun, all is right in everyone's world ;-)  Note: there are lots and lots and lots of pictures here. I couldn't stop myself.

The jardin was in full bloom. It was such a lovely show of Spring in all its glory!

Pictured below is a wonderful pool where you can rent little sailboats or just hang out. You can see there are lots and lots of people hanging out. It was a perfect hang out day :)

At the playground, Miss C tried out all of the boing-y playthings...

Some sort of amorphous blobbish thing,

a motorcycle,

a dinosaur/dragon... we weren't sure,

a frog,

and a bunny.
She sure gave each one what-for!

When she was done boinging alone, she enlisted Big G's help...

 Such a happy girl!

Q-Man hooked up with some preteen hooligans and did the group boing-y thing...
 Standing up...

and laying down.

When they got tired of all that bouncing around, everyone turned to climbing...

Big G is in bright blue and Q-Man is at the same height in navy and brown.
This structure is a rope rendition of the Eiffel Tower.

Miss C likes to climb, too...
rope ladders

regular ladders

rope grid ladders

big freakin' stairs

across rope bridges

But most of her climbing was to get to a...


She takes her sliding very seriously.

And look!
 She does get tired!
For about a second...

Then it was time to go spin...
solo for Miss C.

With big daddy pushes for the boys...

who clung to their chuthers for fear of flying off...

which happened anyway.

And apparently cut his lip...
which meant keeping a dirty piece of napkin on it for the next 48 hours...

NO pictures, PLEASE!

"man, it really is hard to eat with a piece of wadded up dirty napkin pressed to my wounded lip."

We were ready to head back to the house after a truly blissful day!

And we even got to see love on the streets of Paris!

And have some not so loving moments of our own...

Mommy really doesn't like having her hair pulled.

I know this was totally picture-heavy, but I really didn't want to scrimp on the shared fun ;-)  The playground is almost excessive in its amazingness. Total kid paradise. There will be more in Part Deux!


  1. Keeping kids occupied is a major part of any vacation. Looks like you did that, plus wear them out for later. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  2. That was nice of the French to let you stay at the park for two nights after you ran out of money for your hotel. ;-)

    I had Number 1 grab my beard once when I was carrying her in a backpack....baby-death-grip of the chin-whiskers is NOT fun. I keep my hair short now for the same reasons the Romans did.

  3. Wait....you added pictures.... SNEAK!

  4. Gives a whole new meaning to the term "playing grab ass".

  5. Fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing them. I love the sleeping girl at the bottom of the slide.

  6. I loved that sleepy girl too. And the hair pulling and the flowers. It's all cool. Love this blog.

  7. how do you ford a trip with 10 children!

  8. That looks like my idea of heaven :) I dream about taking my kids abroad, but I'm so scared! I loved all your photos--glad you had such a great time!


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