24 April 2011

The Slacker Bunny...

Today is Easter. I know it really is one of the holiest of all days for those who are of a Christian faith. I work to educate my children about which faiths celebrate what and what each faith holds in holy regard. While we are not a church-going family, both my husband and I are spiritual people who endeavor to "do right" in this world on all levels. We do our best to impart this philosophy onto our children.

(Miss C has on 2 dresses... she picked one out, put it on, got mad, refused to take it off, demanded a new one put on over the first one... she is so two)

Right here and now, I have to confess... it's about the chocolate for my kids. Jelly beans come in second place. Peeps don't even enter into the equation. And Jesus... well, let's just say I definitely need to do some more work teaching "what is the meaning of Easter."

Still feeling jet-lagged after our great trip to France (at least it makes for a good excuse... and I'll use it as long as I can), I didn't have it all together regarding Easter preparations for my kids. No cute outfits... no fancy chocolate bunnies... no real baby bunnies or chicks or lambs... not even any plain white, hard-boiled eggs (I did buy the egg dye pack, however, so the intention was there). And, as you will be able to see in the videos, my jet-lag has been so powerful as to render me incapable of tidying up the house :P

If you would like to spend 2 minutes joining in on our egg hunt and see what the downstairs of our messy house looks like, watch this first video...

Then the kids took the show upstairs... so if you want to see what that looks like, in all it's glory, including our indoor bridge (!), watch this second, slightly longer video...

For once, I am not surprised that everyone is melting down and screaming and cranky already... and it's only noon. 

I did let them eat chocolate before breakfast

and during breakfast

and after breakfast.

Next year, we will be exploring the more spiritual side of the holiday.


  1. Amp up that sugar high right away! They'll tire them selves into a nap right? ;)

    Miss C is BEAUTIFUL in her dress ! So adorable.

    Happy Easter Majorie!

  2. I love the "we just got back from France excuse"! I might use it myself, and I've never been to France! Love the pictures! Hope you are having a great holiday!

  3. TOOO funny. Awesome house. Also, my Number 4 does the same thing and she is almost 3. Our Easter Bunny managed to get a WHOLE stack of chocolate eggs parked in places that didn't require much opening of drawers or cabinets to find....although the one in the mason jar of orange crayons was expected to be "found" by Dad later on in the day.

  4. Was she standing in a box- with her 2 dresses??

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Your blog looks wonderful... I look forward to following :)

  6. Does anyone like Peeps???? Yes, all about the chocolate! I'm behind on my comments here. I just read your post about the meetup with Amanda! What an awesome experience! You both are people I would LOVE to meet.

    I have not just returned from France and my house is a DISASTER. I've been off work for 3 weeks and my kids have been in school and my house is still a DISASTER. I went to buy some plastic eggs last night -SOLD out EVERYWHERE. Have I mentioned that I had 3 weeks to prepare for this.....The Easter bunny was a little unorthodox around here this year. Anyway, hope you are having a happy Easter! I'm off to dig in the chocolate...

  7. You still sound more prepared than me most of the time.

    If the Easter Bunny could fire anyone, it would be me. One basket just had a sippy cup in it and my son's basket had toys from his stocking. I'm terrible!

  8. I've always hated peeps too! Your kids got it right--chocolate ALWAYS comes first. :)

  9. Wait, there's something more spiritual than chocolate?

  10. LOL, that's awesome! I let my little monster have her chocolate bunny RIGHT before bed...bad idea? Yes, I think so. She went to sleep 2 hours later and was hopping around the house like a madwoman after her sugar rush. The good news...is that she slept all night : )

  11. Stumbled on your blog through my good friend Beth at Shutupandrun. My 7 year old had a Cadbury egg before breakfast and my oldest son wore shorts to Mass. I was to busy sipping Pinot Grigio during the Easter Egg hunt, forgot to record! Life is good. I meditated AND got in a run.

  12. We have the same kind of Easter at our house...I need to work on the same aspect of it as you do!!! just dont tell my mother!!! :)

  13. It cracked me up that your boys got some BeyBlade tops... perhaps they'll jump-start the trend on the eb playgrounds in time for my boys to feel right at home when they get back in the U.S.

    We had a lovely egg hunt in our garden with my boys + 4 little girls in pretty dresses (well, except for the 2-year old, who refused to put on her dress).



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