08 April 2011

My European Workout Regimen

**my apologies! somehow all the photos for this post were erased!**


the view down from our bedroom door...

 looking at the next flight down...

I think the camera had a little vertigo...

 the next flight down...
 as it continues down...

 going from the bedrooms floor down...

you can see the living room at the bottom.

 And looking back up.

Miss C likes the stairs.

I am going to be is such great shape... even if I don't manage to get a run in... which I hope to do :)

Do you like stairs workouts?


  1. Yes I did! I plan to include that in one of the categories on a future post! And I love the movie, btw.

    I do love stairs workouts. I did a lot of them when I was pregnant, especially towards the end.

  2. How many floors is that? Hope you have a great time!

  3. wow...that is a lot. and yep it is European or even Quebecer!! we have a lot of those also!!!

  4. The house is 5 stories... so it's 4 flights of stairs.

  5. This

    I love it.
    Americans need more stairs in their homes --- that will cure obesity, says me. ;)

  6. Stair workouts are my passion. I run them once a week :D

  7. I have one flight, and I do run it. That's a fab house!

  8. That is quite a work out you have everyday. LOL- I only have one flight and somedays it seems like too much.

  9. I'm with Krystal. I had to go back and look carefully at each picture. I thought I came up with four sets of stairs. I thought you got a room at the Eiffel Hotel or something.


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