12 April 2011

At last...

So glad



Now the real fun can begin!

Today we went to the Cité des Enfants with a family from the kids' school who is living in Paris for a couple of years. This place is a children's museum... sort of... but over the top. The layout is wonderful, the spaces between everything are perfect, enough activities to keep everyone learning/entertained/occupied, room to run around...

This is a very pic heavy post... because a picture is worth a thousand words ;-)

 In the Communication Area, the boys are communicating with each other so that when they each pull one side of the little box carrying a ball, they can navigate it between the holes and up to the slot at the top of the board...

in this same area, they learned how to write in Arabic and Chinese. 

 In the Garden Area, there was an amazing greenhouse full of different sorts of butterflies, one of which had transparent wings! and another of which was about 9 inches across!

 Also over here was a huge complex ants that the kids can walk into...

 and point at the ants...

 and put their heads up inside a plastic bubble to be surrounded by feeding ants!

 Then there was the Water Area...

 That large blue ball would fill up with water and then dramatically tip over, splashing everyone!

 A little ball fountain...

 This pool was full of all kinds of ball/water/whirlpool/spouting activity...

 Miss C was in heaven!

 Here you can see one of the balls floating in the spout of water.

And then we went outside...

Just WOW.

 It's a bummer you can't see the kids' excited faces... 
they had such a blast!

We didn't even explore half of this complex. There was so much to do and we decided to quit while we were ahead... no vomiting, no whining... and save some energy for ....

the Eiffel Tower tonight.  As in right now.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day :)


  1. I keep expecting to see your husbands head in the plastic bubble, or you soaking wet from trying to get a few laps in the Water Area...when do the adults get to have fun on this trip?

  2. Looks like you are all having a ball! The comment above reminded me of something my cousins peditrician told her when she said they were going on vaction. He said if you take the kids it is not a vaction, it is a change in location! Lol! Glad you are having fun!

  3. Oh, you went to my old office! How cool!

  4. That looks like the most fun EVER. My jaw actually dropped at the last two pictures...so. very. cool.

  5. Very cool place!

  6. OMG you never stop! Everytime I come here, you're going here and there with the kids. Nobody can say you wasted your time in good ol' Paris!
    And yeah, that place is super cool!

  7. So cool! You're right, I should pack up all my kids and bring them there... maybe some day. :)

  8. SOOO FUN!!! Wish I could go there. Maggi


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