20 April 2011

Granny's Gadgets #15... and last leg of the trip update

Dear Gadgetfans,

I sincerely apologize for leaving you hanging on Monday without a gadget to ponder. Preparations for our return home from our awesome vacation were ... ummmm... overwhelming. Time got away from me and I was just too wiped out to make it happen. It was a bummer especially because there were a couple of other really weird-looking things in those drawers in France! I so badly wanted to share them with you all :)


Back in America...

Yes, we are home... rolled in at just before 10 pm and crawled into our beds. That last leg of the journey was exciting! All the missing of connections, stand-by and separation and reunification, mechanical problems... then finally on the "spare" plane! Which only had one bathroom! It was so funny when they announced over the PA system that everyone on the flight should go use the bathroom before getting on the plane... reminded me of me :)  "Okay, mom."

Our flight attendants were "Ken" (Barbie's boyfriend) and Luis Guzman's cranky twin brother. Because there were so many problems and inconveniences, "Ken" told some of us that we'd get comped movies. And the pilot even said to all of us, "If there is anything we can do up here on the flight deck to make your trip more enjoyable, just let us know." But LG's cranky bro kept saying they needed to "evaluate the criteria" regarding free movies. Dude! Just tell the captain to flip the switch or there'll be rioting in the aisles! About an hour into the flight, that's just what they did... whew. Those free previews were getting really repetitive :P

On to today's Main Event...

This gadget harkens back to the days of my youth... Some of you might recall the days of manually-operated things such as this... Others of you are such spring chickens that you may never have seen one of these babies in action... well, here it is:

It really is over 60 years old... my mother-in-law verified that fact a couple of months ago. She received it for a wedding present in 1950. Honestly, this gadget sticks so annoyingly (might be those twist-ties) that I rarely use it anymore. I have hunted for a new one to no avail. I usually use my hand-held electric model nowadays.

Incidentally, if you listen closely, you might be able to hear Miss C listening to Blue's Clues in the background. Did you know that Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are from France? What a coincidence that we were just there! LOL


  1. My mom recently inherited a gadget just like that from HER mom's kitchen. My daughter had fun making bubbles with a bowl of water and dish-washing liquid! I had never seen one before...

  2. Welcome home! Hope to hear about your trip IN PERSON one of these days!

  3. Welcome home! I have (and frequently use) one of those egg beaters. I remember standing at my Grammy's counter and using it to whip cream for pie. Now I use it mainly to beat eggs for omelet or scrambled eggs. Guess that shoves me firmly into the category of old fart!

  4. Can't believe you just got home and you're already blogging. You're a fricken rockstar! Tour de France with a laptop! It sure was fantastic and I'm certain I'll never have the chance to get there, so it was terrific that you captured all the details here in your blog.
    Oh, and by the way, I'm pretty old (not 60!) but I've never seen the gadget. Very interesting, reminiscent of a medieval vibrator, right? It's not just me, right?

  5. I have one of those - I think I bought it during my college years (86-91). I also have a hand held electric beater, but I mostly use my KitchenAid stand mixer.

  6. LOVE the twist ties!! lol Watch your mailbox woman!
    I'm a whisk person myself when it comes to eggs.

  7. I might have the hit the thrift shop to find one for the kids. I love the soap and water idea!


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