21 April 2011

Virtual racing... virtual training...

I think my virtual training for my real race is not working out as well as my real training for my virtual race did :P

I walked a tremendous amount while we were in Paris... and did a rigorous stairs workout at least 4 times every day, but I think it's time to start running again.

I wish I had Miss C's energy and dedication to the sport...

She managed to get a run in no matter where we were :)


  1. Miss C would chick me for sure. I left you a couple of comments on my comment board.

  2. ha ha @Chris!

    Majorie, I got the SWEETEST postcard in the mail today from you!! You are so so so thoughtful and that meant so much to me!! Thank you thank you!

  3. I need a nap after watching Miss C!! :)

    And I ALSO want to thank you for the post card from Paris (did I guess that as your destination? I can't remember) - I was soooo excited to see it in the mailbox. I showed it to my 20-year old and she said, "Oh great, another place I've never been." Sheesh, she has to ruin everything!! Thank you so much, I love it and it's sitting on my windowsill so I can see it daily!!

  4. It's hard to get a workout in if you're traveling or really busy. Walking is still good. I always feel like I'm working harder if I run though.

  5. Wow, I wouldnt stand a chance against Miss C


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