11 April 2011

Granny's Gadgets #14... en France!


This week's gadget comes to you from France. I have no idea what it is for or what mélange of accents I assault you all with in this video. In my after-midnight attempt to pull of a brusque French accent, I manage to throw in bad German, very strange Chinese, perhaps some Russian... can you identify any others? Holy cow... I really kind of go through the whole U.N. in the course of less than 2 minutes.

If you have any idea what this gadget really is for, do let me know. It is really neat-looking. I kind of want one... but what good's a gadget if you don't know how to use it?  :P


  1. baaa ha ha !!! you crack me up! this accent is closer to Italian maybe!!?
    ok my guess is this is for something much softer like dough..not to cut it but to make lines in it like a decoration..like the edge of a pie maybe?

  2. it could be a gardening tool...?

  3. Looks like it could be used to make a fringe. Although I can't think of any food item that would be well-suited for that treatment... Pastry?

  4. Maybe for cutting pommes frites?

  5. I was going to guess an herb snipper, but that obviously isn't right. I love your accent - sounds Russian!

  6. I was cracking up. I think that may seal pie crust.

  7. Our hostess has no idea what this thing is used for. Her husband had a few awesome guesses... badger-claw clippers or a vasectomy device! lol

  8. I missed this one....I think though that this might be what you are looking at, just an older, cooler version.



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