18 April 2011

Tale of Two Lawns...

 This is the one you are allowed to go on... see the sign? It means "authorized lawn" ;-)

This lawn is the FORBIDDEN lawn. That is what "interdite" means... FORBIDDEN. Do NOT go on this one or the little gendarme dudes in their little uniforms with their shrill whistles will rip you a new one. This is how they keep the lawns looking so lovely... they rotated which ones are allowed and which are forbidden. Sometimes they say that the forbidden one is "resting" (pelouse au repos) which sounds a lot nicer.

The weather has been amazing while we've been here, maybe a little cold for a couple of days... but clear and dry. The past 4 days have been gorgeous. People flock to the parks ... and the lawns.  Where they can't sit on the lawn, the park provides chairs so you can sit how and where you like OFF the lawn.

Sometimes I wish this was me...
peaceful, calm pique-nique by the pelouse...

 But then I wouldn't have this...

or this!

Not to mention all of the other incredible, feel-good mommy moments I have had the good fortune to experience while on this trip
(as well as in 'regular' life)

I am sad that we need to leave.
We are just about all packed and it is time for bed.
Thanks for hanging with us while we traipsed about :)

There are a few more posts about the trip on the way...
I need more energy and time to craft something coherent.
Maybe tomorrow!

Today is a Granny's Gadgets day... unfortunately, the camera is packed and I don't know where my husband put it :(  There will be one up as soon as I am back in my kitchen stateside. Thanking you in advance for your patience and understanding ;-)


  1. What wonderful pictures!!! The lawn comparisions are funny! Makes you wonde what that no-sit-on grass really is made of!

  2. What an amazing trip and memories you have made! Cute family!!!

  3. I would love to do that on my own lawn, but I don't think the kids would abide the law! Lol! Have a safe trip home! Glad it was a great trip!

  4. Great pics throughout the trip. Vous ettes Franciase? J'ai oublier mon francais.

  5. I love the pictures of your son in Paris. So fun that he can experience that with you! Also, those Parisians are smart with their alternating lawns and everything, right?

  6. Now that is interesting!!

    PS I love living vicariously through you on your vacation


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