09 April 2011

Bateau sur la Seine

Last night was reunion time. There are several families from my kids' school who are spending the year in Paris. We all met up and rode the boat on the Seine (the river that runs through Paris).

One of the boats passing under the Pont Neuf...

Our boat waiting for us...

Sunset light on the bridge...

Miss C fell asleep before the ride began...

The Capricious Emotions of Big G...
 Pissed off about something.
Sort of happy, doting big brother to Miss Sleepyhead.

Playing the role of EXTREMELY concerned big brother
when Q-Man went to sit by himself
(completely oblivious of the Eiffel Tower behind him)
"Mo-ooom, he's alone!"
"He wants to be... and he's only 6 feet behind us."
Having a ton of fun playing with a former classmate
(this time oblivious of the cathedral of Nôtre Dame).
All in the space of about 35 minutes.

Baby X was excited about seeing one of her best friends
(on the left)
and the Eiffel Tower.
Miss C just really wanted it to all be over.
And Dad made sure the event was recorded for all posterity.

Who are these people? What day is it? Where am I? When do I get to go to sleep? Why didn't I remember how hard this is? 

I'm thinking this is an experience akin to childbirth... really hard and painful and seems to take forever. Then it's over and all you remember is how AMAZING it all was!


  1. I now only do month long 'tours' or vacations, which is why its been awhile since the last.

  2. I love Paris (and its twinkling lights)! I didn't have the opportunity to take a boat cruise down le Seine, but...

    I did watch the sun rise from le Sacre Coeur! Amazing!

    Good luck readjusting...

    Baby Talk without the Babble

  3. Yeah, who ARE those friends? I don't recognize them...


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